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Soliton's communication - SMS Comm
SMS Comm
 The system allows to speak by landline phone or mobile phone with 90 countries of the world under internal tariffs or even less. You simply send SMS with two numbers which you wish to connect. You can be in any parts of the world.      
Buy SMS Comm Card  and you will save on communications up to 80 %! 

We accept
  PayPal,  www.MoneyBookers.com. www.wmtransfer.com   Minimal Pin-Code cost is 3 Euro ( - fee of PayPal or MoneyBookers).
 soliton@inbox.lv   -  email for paying
We will send PIN - code to You after reciving your paiment immediately.

The basic advantages:
·        You can have an  access to the given service FROM ANY COUNTRY from a  mobile phone.
·        You can save on calls up to 80 %;
·        You can save on calls from abroad – at 3 -10 time (in comparison with the international roaming).
SMS Comm has unique opportunities:
 1. You can use for conversation:
·        any landline  phone,
·        any phone without a long-distance and international output,
·        any mobile phone.
 2. You can independently connect two subscribers who are in different cities or the countries and have no opportunity to call each other.
3. You can use regular phone without an international output and you can call everywhere. For this purpose you should have an opportunity to send SMS form mobile phone.
4. You can use one PIN code for all family or for all your company office.
5. You can call by regular phone / mobile phone anywhere in the world at ultra low call rates.
How to use service?
1. To get a Pin -Code SMS Comm.
2. To send SMS  in format:      #*PIN Code* 
                                   Example: #*120046* 
from mobile phone to   +37129127663. To wait SMS with your initial summ from SMSComm system.
3. To call. Send SMS up to number +37129127663  in  the following format: 
  Example: *4521*+44347568239 *+67876543219*
Number1 – your regular/mobile number
Number2 – other regular/mobile number
Please, make input all phone numbers in the international format          (without blanks and other superfluous signs)
<+ a code of the country> <a code of city> <number of the subscriber>.
If you wish to use service outside the country, it is important to remember, that you must not initiate a call on the own mobile phone, as you will have to  pay for the international roaming.
To call outside your country in the following way:
Way 1.  Send SMS with two phone numbers in format SMS connection, but  1-st phone number must be phone of  a hotel, an  office,  a mobile phone  of your friends etc. ( but not your  mobile phone).   The 2-th number is a  number of the subscriber with which you wish to speak.
Way 2. To buy any mobile pre-payed SIM ( any operator of visiting country), insert a new SIM-card into the mobile phone or into other mobile phone.  You will speak without roaming.
III. How much does a call cost?
  A Cost of a call consists of:
1. Costs SMS under the tariff of your mobile operator;
2. Costs of dialing on your usual or a mobile phone;
3. Costs of dialing to your subscriber. 
4. Connection fee - 0.08 Euro
 An example of cost calculation.
China mobil -  0,042 Euro/ min + Germany stationary 0,03 Euro / min. 
Total: 0.072 Euro / min.
You will pay to your mobile operator only SMS cost.
IV. The Basic SMS commands ( for Pin-Code 120046)
 For use of service send all SMS-messages 
                             on number   +37129127663 
1.     Registration   Example SMS: #*120046*  
2.     Connection
 Example SMS of Connection *120046*+37112345667*+44123645967*
3. Check own account            Example SMS: *120046*  
4.   Add money to old Pin-Code
Format SMS: #*120046*PIN- code new*
Useful to know 1. For Nokia. For dial SMS it is not necessary to enter each time all figures. Write down a combination *PIN – code* your mobil number ** in “Contacts” of your mobile phone. Writing  SMS use an option " Insert number " once for the combination - *PIN – code* your mobil number ** , and the second time - add the number of your subscriber, as from  the phone book of  a mobile (number should be entered in the international format).  Set the shunt previously between two asterisks (* *). It is checked up on  the mobile phone Nokia.
Useful to know 2. Be informed, system will send SMS ( to registrated mobile phone) in case of your balance less then 0.30 Euro, after that it is not possible to use SMS Comm system. Please update the account.
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